Union County Birth Corrections, 1867-1915
(1,235 records)
(Updated: April 22, 2015)

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Late Birth Registrations & Correction Records (1867-1915)

These records show the case number, petitioner, whether proceedings are to register or correct a birth record.  Please note that these records do NOT contain a record of every birth in the county, but only those where the birth has never been recorded or has been incorrectly recorded and evidence such as school or baptismal records are produced in an effort to prove date of birth, often for retirement or passport purposes.  Due to privacy reasons birth records are only available online through 1915 – i.e. 100 years.

These records were filed with the Union County Probate Court from 1941 to 1995.  Originally, omitted births were first addressed in 1893 legislation.  The process though was haphazard and functioned differently in different counties and under different probate judges.  This was remedied with “emergency” legislation in 1941, which formalized and standardized the delayed or corrected birth process.  Delayed and corrected birth records from Union County are contained in a six volume set maintained at the Union County Records Center & Archives.