Union County Vacations, 1920-2010
(134 records)
(Updated: July 4, 2015)

Because there are only 134 Commissioners Vacations records, the only retrievals available are by year and by location.

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Vacation Records (1920-2010)

These records contain copies of petitions requesting that a township street, alley or county road be abandoned.  Shows what is to be vacated and referencing it by volume and page number in the recorder’s plat books, giving reason for the vacation and full names and addresses of the petitioners.  Contains report of the county engineer on the feasibility of grating the petition with suggestions for changes or amendments to the petition.  Also contains a copy of the commissioners’ resolution fixing a time and place for a petition hearing, plat locating the street or alley and showing change petitioned for, and resolution of commissioners approving or denying the petition.